Charity DAO

Token Model

Project name: Charity DAO
Token symbol: CHD
Total issuance: 7.6 billion
Issuance mechanism: Binance Smart Chain
Acquisition method: 1. Volunteer airdrop 2. Exchange on the project website
Total amount of airdrops: 3.06 million tokens
Total amount in the Treasury: 7,596,940,000 tokens, meaning one for each person in the world
Exchange ratio: Initially 1 BNB = 107000 CHD. The exchange can be made according to the function of
1 BNB = (100000 * 0.982ˣ⁻¹ + 7000) CHD (every 100 BNB is a price tier, X is the current price tier serial number, and the output price of CHD within the same tier is the same. (For example, tier number X of the 3850th BNB is 39).
Initial circulation: 3.06 million tokens