Charity DAO

CHD Economic Model

Value linkage. When the Treasury exchange ratio is lower than the market exchange ratio, donors will choose to obtain CHD by donating to the Treasury. As donations increase and more CHD flow into the market, the Treasury exchange ratio will be higher than the market exchange ratio, then a proposal will be initiated through the DAO to determine the timing and amount among the 95% BNB in the Treasury to enter the market, to make the Treasury exchange ratio lower than the market exchange ratio. Thus, the DAO will initiate the next stage of the cycle.
Ecosystem development. NFTs made from donation certificates issued by charities have a limited amount and collection value and thus can add vitality to the original ecosystem. The portion from the Direct Donation Pool that flows into the Treasury, in turn, keeps the Treasury running. Meanwhile, 5% of the BNB distributed to volunteers can motivate volunteers to publicize for us. Moreover, planned functions for the later stage can also promote the development of the ecosystem and thus motivate people to donate.