Charity DAO

Governance Structure

Donors: Donors are the starting point of the Charity DAO organization. By donating cryptocurrencies such as BNB, they receive CHD tokens, participate in the governance of the DAO, and get the dividends of CHD.
Treasury: The Treasury will accept BNB donated by donors and, produce the corresponding amount of CHD tokens according to the mining algorithm. 80% of the CHD will become rewards for the donors and the remaining 20% will be put into the Public Donation Pool. And 95% of the BNB in the Treasury will be used to maintain the value and liquidity of CHD, and 5% of the BNB will be used for rewarding volunteers and occasional airdrops of DAO.
Mining Algorithm:
1 BNB = (100000 *0.982ˣ⁻¹ + 7000)CHD
(Every 100 BNB is a price tier, X is the current price tier serial number, and the output price of CHD within the same tier is the same. For example, the tier number X for the 3850th BNB is 39)
Public Donation Pool: For the CHD in the public donation pool, DAO will vote to decide who will receive the donation of 20% of the total existing CHD in the pool and get the NFT of the donation certificate given by the corresponding organization; or it can choose not to donate the CHD and destroy half of the 20% CHD and distribute half of them in the DAO organization with the NFT recording this selfish behavior.
DAO: Users stake CHD into DAO to participate in voting on all governance events of the Charity DAO, and more staked tokens mean more votes. The option with the most votes in the current period will be the result; if the top two or more options have the same amount of votes, the current voting result will become nullified and invalid.
Direct Donation Pool: If donors do not want to join the economic system of the Treasury, they can donate to the Direct Donation Pool after noting the donation target or usage of the donated BNB. 90% of the coins will be donated directly to the target and 10% will be put into the Treasury to attract more people to generate charitable giving ideas. If the donor has not noted any donation target or usage, all the donated amounts will be put into the Treasury.
Charities: We will contact the world’s well-known charities devoted to humanitarian reliefs and include them in the charity pool to be launched on-chain later on; the donations can be locked through smart contracts.
Volunteers: We will seek volunteers with shared philanthropic goals worldwide to participate in the organization's publicity and fundraising; we will contact charities to be listed in the pool and launched on-chain and participate in the governance of DAO.
Gatekeepers: Charity DAO cannot be built overnight and need to go through several stages of development. Before the DAO can complete all the governance work through the contract, the gatekeepers will undertake some of the responsibilities, and the credit will be built through a public announcement and on-chain data. When DAO functions are fully built, all gatekeepers’ responsibilities will be shifted to the DAO governance system.