Charity DAO

Roadmap of Charity DAO

Mar 31 : Project Decision-making of Charity DAO & Release official LOGO
Apr 6 : First cryptocurrency donation from Charity DAO to Red Cross Ukraine and Thanks Tweet post from Red Cross Ukraine.
Apr 7: Officially released the Whitepaper of Charity DAO
Apr 14: Officially established cooperation with Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement
Apr 19: Officially established cooperative relationship with SOSUIBEN from Africa
Apr 21: First round of Charity DAO Airdrop launched on Twitter, with 1.4 million CHD distributed to volunteers.
Apr 22: Charity DAO official website is online
Apr 24: Charity DAO's first round of 1.4 million CHD volunteer airdrop campaign has ended.The total number of volunteers recruited in the first round of airdrop was 23959. CHD listed on PancakeSwap. Trading pair is CHD/USDT.
Apr 25: CHD listed on Token Pocket
Apr 26: Officially established cooperation with KIDS COMPASSION
Apr 27: CHD listed on CoinMarketCap
Apr 28: Second round of Charity DAO Airdrop launched with 400,000 rewards, initiate proposal solicitation and creation solicitation activities for the community.
May 1: Officially established cooperation with, the foundation was created by Hollywood star Damon. May 4: Second round of Charity DAO airdrop activity has ended, more than 450 proposals, works and ideas have been received, including community emoji packs, creative stickers, NFT avatars, offline activity plans,etc. 400,000CHD distributed to volunteers.
May 5: CHD officially listed on CoinGecko.
May 7: Charity DAO distributed volunteer activity began to collect, and six volunteer representatives were collected in the first round,
From May 7 to 15, they successively carried out their first offline charity activity in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Turkey, Zambia, Turkey, India, Sierra Leone and other places to provide relief assistance to poor children, students and the elderly.
May 10: Third round of Charity DAO Airdrop launched with 400,000 rewards, recruiting KOL, a global community, and successively establish Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Nigerian, Vietnamese, Filipino and other global multilingual communities.
May 14: Charity DAO and Sosuiben jointly conducted charity activities in Zambia to provide relief assistance to poor children.
May 19: Charity DAO was reported by FOX TV which introduced the event to everyone on the morning news, attracting a lot of attention.
May 24: Charity DAO officially entered into a partnership with Africa Diverse Water Supplies which will be one of our key partners for aid in cryptocurrency.
May 27: Charity DAO opened targeted airdrops for StepN users who hold or have held GMT and lose money with 80 CHD to 50 people.
May 30: Charity DAO announced that CHD is listed on BitkeepOS and BitkeepDaily.
June 14: A time-limited airdrop was been launched by Charity DAO targeted at people who suffered heavy losses. Charity DAO would choose 80 people to distribute 20 CHD per each.
June 27: Charity DAO will officially launch the second round of distributed recruitment activity for charitable volunteers from 235 countries and regions around the world.
June 29: CharityDAO has completed the audit of the CHD contract code and released a formal audit report on CertiK, the most authoritative audit institution that can provide security escort. Chairty DAO also holds an activity for people who retweet the information about audit report on Twitter to get a chance to win CHD.
July 11: Charity DAO has announced its first volunteer of this round of distributed charitable activity, a man from Philippines who organized a feeding program for 30 undernourished children on behalf of Charity DAO.
July 22: Charity DAO has announced partnership with SickleMrs which is founded by Mrs. Ese Ekpuk Ikpe with the goal of helping patients overcome sickle cell.
August 8: Charity DAO recruits partners for charitable causes, initiating the construction plan of the charitable ecology and invites all ecological parties.
September 2: Charity DAO announced its new partnership with FreedomCityOrg, a non-profit organization focused on setting people free in every area of their lives.
October 13: Charity DAO reached partnership with Kingdom Base Montessori International School which aims at nurturing future promising talents with its mission of investing and creating procreative mind.
October 18: The third round distributed recruitment for charitable volunteers gets started and five to eight volunteers will be selected to carry out offline activities on behalf of Charity DAO to provide humanitarian assistance.
October 24: People can find CHD on which can be a great experience.
October 31: It's glad to do a partnership with Helpers Social Development Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is established to contribute to the welfare of underprivileged children, youth and women. Let's work towards children's education and quality health.
November 3: Charity DAO has hit 50K followers on Twitter.
November 17: Volunteers Puguh, Adri and Gilang from Indonesia visited the orphanage and bringing them happiness.
November 25: Charitiy DAO announced the new partnership with, an online organization empowering startups, projects and businesses through networking platform thus connecting investors and philanthropists.
November 30: Charity DAO partnered with Alliance For Community Transformation Uganda, a registered women-led nonprofit organization that envision a world with equal and decent opportunities for girls and women.
December 8:Charity DAO got a new partner, Children and Vision Development Organisation, wihch promotes health of the community and raises awareness of the vision development.
December 23: Charity DAO held a Christmas campaign for group members.
January 4: Charity DAO started a new check-in campaign and group members can get points which can be redeemed for CHD by checking in daily in telegram group.
January 13: Charity DAO partnered with WNIS Charity, a non-profit organisation that commits itself to giving hope to the hopeless.
January 25: Charity DAO cooperated with GIVE AND CARE CHARITY FOUNDATION UGANDA, a non-profit organisation caring about safe environment everywhere and children with disabilities.
February 15: Our new charity partner@bunniefied visited the elderly and distributed food on behalf of Charity DAO.
February 16: Lets Help is our newly launched SocialFi fundraising platform on Web 3.0, which currently supports 7 languages.
February 22: Our charity partners@Rajaa_Ginting and @Jashlax will distribute food to homeless people on the streets of Manila on behalf of Charity DAO.
March 14: Charity DAO reached a partnership with XPLUS which is dedicated to guiding more web2 users into the world of web3, and providing various business solutions for web3 projects to increase communities.
March 20: Charity DAO had a new partnership with MechCraft.World.