Charity DAO

Road Map

04/2022:Version 1
* Build Charity DAO Treasury, Public Donation Pool, and Direct Donation Pool, and establish DAO management model.
* Issue platform token CHD
* Establish connections and cooperation with volunteers and local charities.
* Generate donations.
08/2022: Version 2
* Launch charities on the chain.
* Upgrade DAO governance content and transfer gatekeeper proposal responsibilities to the DAO community.
* Implement automatic transactions and conversions between the Direct and Public Donation Pool.
01/2023: Version 3
* Launch more charities on the chain.
* Launch volunteer list on the chain and give them rewards, and DAO will manage and distribute rewards after review.
* DAO will manage liquidity and repurchase.
* Transfer all rights of gatekeepers to DAO.
07/2023: Version 4
* Launch DEX of the ecosystem; all objects and parameters of Treasury, Public Donation Pool, and Direct Donation Pool will be decided by DAO.
* Provide NFT creation and trading platform for philanthropists to donate artworks, and all proceeds will be donated to the Public Donation Pool.
12/2023: Version 5
* All data will be launched on the chain; all actions are managed by the contracts and governed by DAO.