Charity DAO


We have taken conformable life for granted until the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war. We realize that war and death are happening around us quite often. When we wanted to do something for innocent Ukraine civilians, it turned out that charities were too inefficient and untrustworthy. In a well-developed society, we can donate via NGOs in a multi-layered way, yet it is hard to know whether the funds are appropriately used for people who need help in war-inflicted areas. Some even use charities to evade tax and transfer assets.
Nevertheless, when Ukraine vice prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov announced that they would accept cryptocurrencies as donations, we were glad to find that philanthropy can be done efficiently without geographic restriction and political interference. Now we can directly and anonymously donate our cryptocurrency to people we want to help and can also know whether they receive the money or not. Thus, we decided to build Charity DAO to contribute to international humanitarian aid.